Our Approach

Stronghold Security strives to be the best in an industry where as a result of the high number of companies, most security companies have compromised quality of service to match or outbid the competition. For this reason, Stronghold Security promises to make all clients,  employees, and their needs  a priority. 

This shall be accomplished through the proper recruitment, training, and a comprehensive pay scale offered to Stronghold Security Personnel.

With our clients in mind, Stronghold Security offers a range of security options to fit any potential client's financial needs, from small businesses to large corporations.

Meet the Team

Each Employee of Stronghold Security has been carefully picked and evaluated based on their strengths, for their position. They are an integral part of the company and are what keeps the heart of this company beating. Each and every individual is pushed and trained for success not only for our company, but for their future careers.

A Team

Stronghold Security


Join the Stronghold Security team and experience a rewarding career with a company who cares.